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Niche Websites Developed and Managed by Jason Moser

Below are the niche websites that I have researched, developed, and manage on a daily basis. These are what currently fund my business activities and allow me to stay in business. Take a look at each of the sites to get an idea of my website development and design skills. All of the work on these websites is my original work.

Achieve Perfect Body Health With Nutritional Cleansing, Fitness, and Education! Perfect Body Health is achievable through body cleansing, proper fitness, and balanced nutrition. Important guidance and direction for those who seek personal health and fitness success.

I started this niche website when I became very concerned about my own health April 23rd, 2011. It has 77 pages of content and is currently growing by 2 pages per week.


Write and Publish Fiction, Information and Resources For Fiction Writers! Write and Publish Fiction includes writer's resources and information dedicated to helping new and experienced fiction writers get the most from their writing. Information on writing, publishing, and marketing fiction books and novels.

This was my very first niche website and is also my best one. First developed on September 25th, 2005, it has inspired me to publish my first fiction novel Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop as well as publish several "how to" books for fiction authors to help others write, publish, and market their fiction. It has 177 pages of content and is currently growing by 2 pages per month.







Portfolio of Jason Moser

The Portfolio of Jason Moser contains all of the websites, writing, art, poetry, and ideas that he has developed, brainstormed, or published over the years. Please take some time to browse through all of my portfolio items so you can see the work I do. All websites that are linked to this page are my original works and do not include work by other designers or writers.

Published Books By Jason Moser

Below are the fiction and self-help books I have written and published. I've been writing since October 1985 and published my first fiction novel in October 2005. Since then, I've written and published 2 fiction novels, 9 exclusive books for my websites, 3 self-help books, 12 articles, and over 1000 pages of website content for several websites I developed. My published books available for sale on Amazon.com are displayed in the Portfolio of Jason Moser.

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop

The M-7 Teardrop is the newest, fastest, and most sophisticated spy plane ever created. It is secretly controlled by the United States Air Force while final testing is being conducted in the desert of Nevada. Executive powers believe the M-7 is too powerful, capable of giving the United States too much of an edge over the world, potentially restarting the Cold War. The jet must disappear to protect all interests of the world.

The only man capable of carrying out a mission of this magnitude is Jim Holloway, a.k.a. Agent Stroker, of the International Intelligence Agency (IIA). Jim is a very intelligent and debonair man with a keen ability to complete a mission, no matter how challenging it may be. However, the Spy Among Spies has a different plan for the M-7 that involves Libya and Russia, not to mention the certain death of Jim.

Available from Write and Publish Fiction and Amazon.com.

Novel by Jason Moser

Published by Jason Moser on Lulu.com

Cover Art by Jason Moser

Published Oct 2005 Electronic and Paperback

ISBN: 978-1411661530


Over the Edge

For the past few years, Derek has lost all interest in the Navy and decides to run away from everything to the untamed wilderness of the Flathead National Forest in Northwest Montana. His friends, Jeremy and Susan, are forced to join him after some unfortunate circumstances make them run from law.

Running for their lives, they experience the adventure of a lifetime, staying one step ahead of the pursuing posse as they make their way to the Jewel Basin. Trapped at the edge of a cliff, their only chance of escape is to go over the edge.

Over the Edge is the second fiction novel by Jason Moser and is a fast moving thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

Available at Write and Publish Fiction and Amazon.com for Kindle.

Novel by Jason Moser

Published by Jason Moser on Lulu.com

Cover Art by Jason Moser

Published Oct 2011 Electronic and Paperback



Debt Payoff Plan

The Debt Payoff Plan serves several purposes, all of which are designed to improve your overall financial situation. It only takes a couple of seconds of bad credit decisions to destroy your finances for the next ten years, so you must carefully analyze every aspect of your financial situation and make every financial decision as though it is a life or death decision.

With this step-by-step educational guide, I will teach you how to prepare a working budget, how to clean up your past credit mistakes, and how to dwindle down current debts so you can build a strong financial portfolio for a strong retirement. With this book, you receive several helpful tools to aid you in establishing a working budget to get you started in the right direction.

My goal with the Debt Payoff Plan is to help you retire ahead of schedule, to be debt free, and to have a secure future for you and your children. This education is great for the entire family and it is encouraged to share your plan with every member of your family. Access budget forms via free download.

Available on Amazon.com for Paperback and Kindle Versions.

Self-Help Guide by Jason Moser

Published by Jason Moser on Kindle Direct and Createspace.com

Cover Art by Jason Moser

Published Mar 2014 Electronic and Paperback


ISBN: 978-1496052230


Seven Secrets of Book Writing

Seven Secrets of Book Writing is a motivational guide for writers to take them to the next step with their writing. Publishing your books on Kindle is a great alternative with short stories and can bring in a lot of extra income while you are working on that best seller.

Why do you write? Do you know how much money you can make if you know exactly how to market it? Do you know you selling platforms? Do you know how and where you are going to publish your stories?

Self-publishing has made it so easy to enter the book selling market, there's nothing holding you back from making money from your writing.

Knowing why is the most important part of this guide. But getting you in the right mindset is the goal I'm trying to accomplish by pointing you in the right direction. If you have to pay to publish your stories, you are not thinking outside the box. This is the Information Age and with the power of the Internet, you can publish your own books using free publishers to become a best seller, easier than if you were to try to find a traditional publisher.

Take advantage of the tools you have in your arsenal, even if you don't know you have them yet. You are writing for a reason and you WILL make money with your books if you know how and why!

My seven secrets will open your eyes and motivate you to pursue your dreams like never before.

Available on Amazon.com for Kindle.

Self-Help Guide by Jason Moser

Published by Jason Moser on Kindle Direct

Cover Art by Jason Moser

Published Mar 2014 Electronic



Restarting the Old Dream Factory

The Ultimate Inspirational and Motivational Self-Help Guide

Discover how to dream again by restarting your internal motivational engine. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting out in a new business or you are seeking out the purpose in your life, the answers to your success in life and business are suppressed deep within your mind. People stop passionately dreaming and start living the moment they leave home and experience life on their own. This holds them back from their true potential.

Do you want to succeed at everything you do or want in life? It's all within your power to do just that if you only know how to tap into the dreams within your mind. These dreams may be buried deeply from failures, lack of hope, loss of faith, and many more reasons that life throws at you. The older you get, the dustier the dream factory gets.

Learn the significance of dreams with respect to getting motivated, motivational techniques, the meaning of purpose, how to establish goals and objectives, and how to use various brainstorming methods on what motivates people. Restart the dusty old dream factory and find the inspiration you need to succeed at everything you want in life.

Self-Help Guide by Jason Moser

Published by Jason Moser on Kindle Direct and Createspace.com

Cover Art by Jason Moser

Published April 2014

ISBN: 978-1497549531


Available on Amazon.com for Kindle and Paperback Purchase.


My Writing In Progress

I have a lot of things going on right now besides my websites. I do have a few fiction novels I am working on that I plan on publishing within the next year or so, depending of course on how busy I am between now and then.

Here is a run down of the books I am currently in the process of writing and getting ready to publish:

Caught Within Time - This is a science fiction book I wrote in the 90s about a group of kids who are sent into a different dimension while exploring a spooky abandoned house. It takes everything they have to get back out to their own time.

Spy Among Spies: Rogue Agent - The highly anticipated sequel to the first installment of the Spy Among Spies series, Rogue Agent continues where the first book ended. What did Jim do with the Teardrop spy plane anyway? Does the spy among spies get caught or does he strike again? How will Jim clear his name? All these questions and more are answered in this exciting second book of the series.