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Freelance Work - Writing Services by Jason Moser

I offer several different writing services to help individuals and businesses with all of their writing needs. Below is a list of the various writing services I offer:

  • Articles for use online or on websites (SEO included)
  • Content for websites (SEO/Keyword based informational content)
  • Fiction Story Ghost Writing
  • Story Ghost Editing (adding more to an already written story to make it longer and better along with major edits for grammar, spelling, structure.)
  • Copywriting (marketing sales letters, eBooks, website content, and other advertisements)

  • Editing and Proofreading (standard grammar, spelling, and structure editing and post editing proofreading with minor corrections)

  • Book and Product Reviews (consumer reviews of your book, product, or service on any major selling platform - build your book, product, or service's reputation)

If you are interested in any of my writing services, please contact me with a description of what you want done and how fast (the more details the better) and I will get back to you with more questions or a quote as soon as possible.

Freelance Work

Niche Website Development

Freelance work, primarily niche website development has been a burning passion for me since 2005 when I first began studying niche website creation through the NitroIncubator program. Since being introduced to this method of website development, I have studied some of the most important lessons regarding business, proper niche website development, on and off line marketing, and product/service development and sales.

If you have a hobby or specialized skill that you like to use or if you have any type of special interest in any niche area, then you can develop a business around that niche in order to make passive income from multiple sources. If you want to make a part time or full time income doing what you love to do, please ask me about the Niche Website Development freelance work I can do for you to help you get your interests to the next level.

I am offering the following Niche Website Development Freelance Work:

  • Niche Website Development - I will introduce you to my secrete web development weapon that makes developing a niche oriented website easy and creates a powerful marketing platform for your niche business. Contact me and I will explain how you can receive my mentor/coaching services for free!
  • Mentor/Coaching - I will help you through all of the steps of niche website development and introduce you to my secrete web development weapon that makes it all possible. Contact me and ask about my mentor/coaching services and how to get my help for free!
  • Niche Website Content Writing - I offer my writing services by writing SEO content for your niche website. This is the most time consuming aspects of website development. Outsourcing frees up a lot of your time.

Please contact me regarding any of the these available freelance work services and let me know exactly what you would like me to do. I will get back to you as soon as possible with more questions or a quote for my services.

To see my work live, visit my portfolio and look up my current website links for my niche websites I have developed and manage and all of the books I have published.


SEO Website Quality Review and Repair

As a niche website manager, I totally understand the importance of website analysis and tweaking. If you website isn't built correctly, it isn't going to rank as well on the search engines as it would with proper structure, keyword density, and well written content.

I offer my experience in the SEO Website area of expertise to help niche website developers fix troubled areas of their website that may be hindering their ranking efforts.

The major search engines are very picky and if you don't build a proper website with proper webpage dynamics, your page may be lost in the billions and billions of pages out there on the World Wide Web. Don't get lost on the Internet. Help people find you by improving your website.

Contact me for a FREE SEO Quality Assurance Site Review of  your home page of your niche website. Just send me the URL of your site and I will let you know what's wrong with your home page that may be lowering your SE Rankings and I will give you a quote on how much for a full site review and other related services.

Fixing the problems on your website can turn SE ranking around in a matter of weeks. Leaving the errors on your website will keep your website lost forever.